Monday, December 10, 2007

November 16, 2189 [1900 U.T.]

Dear mom and dad,

After about two weeks in stasis, we are within viewing distance of Gamma Serpentis, this miserable rock out in the middle of nowhere. What’s really annoying is that only now they bothered to tell us what the hell is going on. Turns out we’re just a fucking salvage operation going out to retrieve a damn ship. Couldn’t they have asked some salvage crew to retrieve the ship for them?

Actually, I’m being harsh. I think it’s just because I’m in a pissy mood right now. I guess it was somewhat appropriate to have the military take care of this operation. The reason is because the ship trapped in the planet’s orbit is the Sulaco. The son-of-a-bitch was here the whole time and only recently it decide to show its ugly face!(5) Hell yeah, I’m pissed! Why the fuck didn’t we find it earlier? Now we have just four days(6) to get the damn thing going again before its orbit gives out and it crashes into the planet.

I say the hell with it! Let that fucker crash! Hell, after ten years I highly doubt we can get it going again. It’s just a waste of time and I want to go home. Of course, as things go in the Marine Corps, we’re going to be out here until the Sulaco crashes or we manage to get it going again (fat chance).I just hope that when we return to Fomalhaut I’m allowed to go and visit you guys.
And again, by the time you receive this, I should be on my way back.

I’ll see you soon!



One reason that might explain why the Sulaco went undetected for about 10 years is because the position where she was discovered was completely off from where the Sulaco was believed to be. It is still unknown to everyone as to how the Sulaco got there, but some theories suggest that she was caught by a planet or a star and was slingshot in a completely different direction. This would help to explain why the Sulaco wound up where she did; completely off from the coarse she was following back to Earth.

Network Comcon 01500 to U.S.S. Tonoro C172689 –
Message to be reviewed upon arrival on planetoid Gamma Serpentis.
Probe(6-1) data indicates orbit of U.S.S. Sulaco C172688 is decaying at unexpected rate.
Sulaco expected to enter planet’s atmosphere in approximately 4 days after your arrival.
Permission to board vessel has already been granted.
Top Priority – Attempt to gain control of and tow U.S.S. Sulaco C172688 back to Altair.
Awaiting Acknowledgement.
Time – 21:04:12 U.T. – 11/10/2189

U.S.S. Tonoro C172689 to Network Comcon 01500 –
Message Received.
Time – 18:42:01 U.T. – 11/16/2189

It was Weyland-Yutani Deep Space Probe (DSP) number 19625 that discovered the U.S.S. Sulaco while it was passing by Gamma Serpentis. Upon the discovery of the Sulaco, the probe was put in orbit around Gamma Serpentis to keep an eye on the Sulaco until the Tonoro arrived.

It takes approximately 6 days for radio signals to travel the vast distance between Gamma Serpentis and Earth.

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Adam Johns said...

Epistolary novels (ones written in letters) have their problems; they can be choppy, and they remove us from the action, sometimes unnecessarily. I'm not utterly opposed to them, but I'm not convinced this is ideal (especially if you never move in to more direct action) for a horror story.