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November 20, 2189 [1900 U.T.]

Dear Diary,

I’m going to make this as simple as I can.

Jesus Fucking Christ, what the fuck happened to Johnson?! He’s fucking dead! We found him in the mess hall with a hole in his chest. What the fuck is going on?!(22)



Unfortunately, there’s not much I can find as to how exactly they found Private Johnson. Hendrick did provide this journal entry, but that’s about it. From here on, she doesn’t update the journal much, and the updates she does make are vague.

I had to go through a lot of data files from the Tonoro’s computer to find what I was looking for. Fortunately, the Tonoro’s flight data recorder keeps track of everything the computer sees and hears. I found quite a lot of video and audio files regarding what was happening aboard the Tonoro since Hendrick wrote that entry in her diary.(22-1) Fortunately, everything is time stamped, so putting it together wasn’t much of a challenge. I think it is safe to say that the crew of the Tonoro had a big problem on their hands. Based on what I have gathered, the Tonoro was pretty much in the same situation the Nostromo was in 67 years earlier.(22-2)

Has anyone seen Johnson? – U.T.-18:14:21

Yeah, he went to the mess hall to get something, but he should have been back by now. –U.T.-18:14:28

Oh hell! Lewis, see if you can find him. Drag his ass here! –U.T.-18:14:36


Hey, Johnson! You in here? –U.T.-18:16:02(22-1-2)

Johnson? Oh, come on man! Stop fucking around! –U.T.-18:16:23

Johnson? –U.T.-18:16:39

Jesus Christ! Sarge! SARGE! –U.T.-18:16:51(22-1-3)


What the fuck happened here? –U.T.-18:17:26

How the hell do I know?-U.T.-18:17:29

Jesus Christ! –U.T.-18:17:32

Is it just me, or does it look like something exploded out of him? –U.T.-18:17:56

Where the hell are those...get those damn company people over here! I want an explanation! –U.T.-18:18:07

What is it? –U.T.-18:18:58(22-1-4)

Care to explain what happened here? –U.T.-18:19:04

Interesting. –U.T.-18:19:16

What? –U.T.-18:19:17

Very interesting, indeed. –U.T.-18:19:31

What? What the hell is going on? –U.T.-18:19:35

Sergeant, it appears as though you have a Xenomorph problem. –U.T.-18:19:53

A what problem? –U.T.-18:19:56

A Xenomorph. –U.T.-18:20:02(22-2)

The fuck is that? –U.T.-18:20:05

Remember what I told you about the facehugger? –U.T.-18:20:08

Are you saying we have an alien on the lose? –U.T.-18:20:11

Yes. –U.T.-18:20:16

Great. So, how do we get rid of it? –U.T.-18:20:21

Judging by the tone of the voice and by what I can see in the video taken from the camera in the cryogenic compartment, this was brought up by Hendrick.

This clip was taken from the mess hall camera. There’s a figure noticeable near the bottom of the frame, but it is not clear what it is because there’ not much light. Lewis is seen walking in and looking around. He is alone.

Lewis starts shouting just as he is staring at the unidentified object at the bottom of the frame. The sergeant and the rest of the crew come running, one of them, I presume is Everson, has a flash light. They all stare at the unknown figure. I take it that they are staring at Johnson’s dead body.

Stevens is the one who runs off to fetch the medical officers. He returns with all of the company men. The person Sergeant Wilman is talking to, I think, is first medical officer Jason Maxwell(22-1-4-1)

Ellen Ripley claimed at her enquiry that the Nostromo had an uninvited guest, which is why she blew the ship up. She described this creature as being approximately 2.5 meters tall with an elongated head, no eyes, an inner mouth which functions as both a weapon and as a tongue, a though exoskeleton, a long tail with a sharp tip at the end, and acid for blood. It's a fascinating thing, a creature which the Nostromo’s science officer Ash described as “the perfect organism.” It is believed that this organism was also responsible for the loss of the Sulaco, the destruction of Hadley’s Hope (colony on LV-426), and the death of Ellen Ripley and the other prisoners on Fiorina 161, as stated by prisoner Robert Morse in his book.

Jason R. Maxwell was born on September 5, 2153 in London, England. He attended the University of Tokyo to study medicine and graduated in the top 10 of his class in 2177. He began his career with Weyland-Yutani, starting out as an assistant medical officer at Gateway Station, and moved his way up the ranks. In 2181, he was assigned as medical officer on the U.S.C.S.S. Otago II. He transfers to the Weyland-Yutani medical research vessel Patna in 2183 and is assigned as her third medical officer. He moves up the ranks and by 2185, he’s the Patna’s first medical officer. He was transferred to the Tonoro for the mission to the Sulaco.

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