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November 21, 2189 [End]

Unfortunately, I am unable to find more information about what happened from here on out. However, based on the information that I do have, I have pieced the following events together.

At approximately 1400 U.T., Private Hendrick updated her journal for the last time. She was in the Tonoro’s drop ship hanger when she was writing it. Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone(25).

At about 14:12 U.T., one of Tonoro’s EEVs (unit 4172) was jettisoned from the ship. The data in the Tonoro’s computer concerning the EEV was fragmented, but I was able to salvage some bits and pieces. The data indicates Private Henn, Private Stevens, Bishop, and Corporal Wilson were aboard the EEV. At the very least Bishop and Henn were alive (and I suspect the others were too) when it was jettisoned. Tragically, I’m sorry to say that something else was in the EEV with them at the time it was separated. I cannot confirm my suspicions 100 per cent. Hell, I can’t even confirm my suspicions 50 per cent, but data that I found that there was something else in the EEV with them. I cannot confirm what it was, only that it was approximately 100 kilograms in mass and it was moving only moments before the EEV was separated from the Tonoro. I could be wrong (please God, tell me I’m wrong), but there’s a chance the alien was in the EEV with them. I don’t think they lived.

God rest their souls!

The Tonoro continued to drift through space. No one was aware of what had happened to the ship. When the ship did not arrive at Fomalhaut when she was expected to (November 26), the Marine Corps and Weyland-Yutani launched a rescue operation to look for her.

They never found the ship. By pinpointing the location where the last few messages from the Tonoro were sent, the rescue operation discovered that the ship had drifted of course. Based on the information they had, they searched for the Tonoro in the areas they believed she would be based on the information they had. After six weeks of searching, they gave up. The Tonoro was presumed lost and everyone onboard was presumed dead. The EEV that was jettisoned was never recovered, and remains missing today.

Eventually the Tonoro lost power and became a mere ghost ship. She continued to drift for approximately 80 years, getting caught in a few orbits around planets and then sling shot in a different direction. Eventually, about 90 years ago, she crashed on Arcturus. Now she’s just a broken wreck, and a crime scene.

Now, it is rather late to hold a criminal investigation into the Tonoro incident. Everyone who was involved is dead by now. The only purpose this criminal evidence will serve is to clarify things in history books. Weyland-Yutani is no longer around, so there’s no one to get sued for this mess.
We have a lot of lessons to learn from this. We can only hope that what happened nearly 170 years ago does not happen again. What happened to the Nostromo, the Sulaco, LV-426, Fiorina 161, and the Tonoro should stay where it is; in the past. I just hope we don’t make the same mistakes that Weyland-Yutani made. If we do, God help us all.

Dr. Evan Andrews, Ph.D.
Medical Officer, U.S.M. Auriga
February 12, 2357
Dear Diary,
We finally convinced Wilson to abandon ship. We're packing the EEV with some supplies and will be launching within 20 minutes. We've disabled all of the Tonoro's beacons, that way the chances of no one finding this ship are better. Quite frankly, God help whoever discovers this ship.
Hopefull our EEV will be picked up so I can go home. I've just about had it with this mission. I'm scared shitless. That alie (25-1)
The journal stops here. I have a good guess as to what happened to Private Hendrick. Actually, I would have to say it was a pretty educated guess. The data from the Tonoro indicates that Hendrick was being stalked. The alien was following her...and killed her.
This page of her journal has blood stains.

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