Tuesday, December 11, 2007

November 17, 2189 [2100 U.T.]

Dear Diary,

Today, for the most part, was really uneventful. We spent the whole damn day sweeping the entire ship front to back looking for…well, anything that wasn’t burnt. My God, that ship is a complete mess. The whole damn thing is burnt! Everything in the hanger was useless. At least it wasn’t a complete loss. The ship’s onboard computer survived, somewhat. Lewis spent the whole day recovering data from the computer. Maybe the damn thing can tell us how the fire managed to spread, and what started it.

We did find something odd, thought. It was a burn mark in the cryogenic compartment. I know this sounds stupid. What’s so impressive about a burn mark in a room that is completely burnt? That’s the same question I asked Stevens(15), the pyromaniac of our group. He knows a little bit too much about fire and the things he’s told us are not comforting. Hell, I expect him to set us on fire one of these days. What’s interesting is that he told us the burn we found was not created by fire, but by something else. He suspects it was acid.

…right. What’s acid doing on the ship? Hell, it kept the company people happy. Funny, they are not interested in anything else around the ship, but we find one small hole in the floor and they are all over it. Weirdos!

Other things we found; couple of personal things belonging to someone called Spunkmeyer(16) in one of the lockers, some food in the galley, and this burnt up shit that looks like an egg in the cryogenic compartment. This is where things get a little weird, because as soon as we found this…whatever the hell it is, the company nerds barged in. Holy shit, it was like Christmas morning for them! They were examining, touching, and probing this pile of shit! What the fuck is it? Sure enough, they don’t tell us. They just hauled it back to the Tonoro. Hell, they’re in the ship’s Med Lab right now doing God-knows-what with it. For all I know, they are masturbating with it. What a bunch of Whackos!

Oh well, at least I had my laugh for the day. One of those company imbeciles fell down a flight of stairs because he was paying more attention to his computer than where he was going. The way he screamed, though, was classic. He sounded like Timmy on that Kiddie-coaster a couple of years back.

Unfortunately, I have to do the same shit tomorrow. At least the company people have something to keep them busy. That should get them off our backs for a while.



Private Robert Stevens, born May 12, 2165 in Berlin, Germany, had collected a not-so-impressive reputation with the Marine Corp for the five years he’s served. He was arrested four times for setting things at his base on fire. He’s also known by his fellow marines as “a complete nut job obsessed with fire who, without a doubt, will grow up to be an arsonist.”

Daniel Spunkmeyer, born April 25, 2152 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was the drop ship crew chief on the Sulaco when it was sent to LV-426.

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