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November 21, 2189 [1300 U.T.]

Dear Diary,

I don’t want to sound like I am panicking, but I think we are all going to die!
Oh my God, what the hell are we dealing with?! We’ve been looking for this thing for about 12 hours now and I’m scared! This fucking thing has already killed the three doctors, Gorman, Wilman, Lewis, and Everson. This fucker is impossible to kill. Every time we think we have it trapped, the fucker escapes! How the fuck is it doing that?!

I told Wilson that we should just evacuate the ship and let it crash into some planet, but he still wants to try to kill the fucker!

I’m really scared.

God help us.



I cannot get much information from this, only that by 1300 most of the crew was dead. How they died, I’m not exactly sure, only that the alien got them. The truth is that some of them were not completely dead. Their vital signs were low, but they were still alive(27-1).

It’s clear that the company people wanted the alien alive. They wanted it alive so much that they intervened at one point as the marines were about to blast the alien into space(27-3). As far as to the order in which they died, Lewis was the first, followed by Everson(27-2). Maxwell was killed almost immediately after he intervened(27-3), then Brunel, Lydecker, Wilman(27-4), and then Gorman(27-5).

From the vital sign readouts, Maxwell, Lewis, Brunel, and Lydecker were killed. Wilman, Gorman, and Everson were still alive, but barely. Ellen Ripley mentioned that the aliens tend to keep their victims alive to use as hosts for more embryos.

Everyone sound off. Who’s not dead yet? –U.T.-05:12:16 [Wilman]

Gorman, head section, level 6. –U.T.-05:12:21

Lewis, head section, level 4. –U.T.-05:12:26

Bishop, head section, level 10. –U.T.-05:12:32

Hendrick, mid section, level 2. –U.T.-05:12:36

Maxwell, head section, level 10. I’m with Bishop –U.T.-05:12:41

Everson, aft section, level 8. –U.T.-05:12:47

Henn, aft section, level 1. –U.T.-05:12:52

Stevens, mid section, level 11. –U.T.-05:13:00

Lydecker, mid section, level 11. I’m with Stevens. –U.T.-05:13:07

Wilson, aft section, level 5. –U.T.-05:13:12

Brunel, aft section, level 5. I’m with Wilson. –U.T.-05:13:17

Alright, I’m mid section, level 12. Anyone find anything? –U.T.-05:13:25

Nothing sir. –U.T.-05:13:35 [Wilson]

Alright, it’s bound to be here somewhere. Let’s keep looking people. –U.T.-05:13:41 [Wilman]

If anyone finds it, don’t shoot it! –U.T.-05:13:44

Maxwell, shut the fuck up! Let us do our job! –U.T.-05:13:49 [Hendrick]

Oh, hang on! I’ve got something –U.T.-05:18:32

What is it Hendrick? –U.T.-05:18:35 [Gorman]

Unidentified object, 12 meters, moving away from me. It’s 2 floors above me. It’s on level 4! –U.T.-05:18:44

Which way is it headed? –U.T.-05:18:35 [Wilman]

It’s moving forwards. It’s going to head section! –U.T.-05:18:39 [Hendrick]

Anyone on level 4, head section? –U.T.-05:18:43 [Wilman]

Lewis here! Yeah, I’ve got it sir. 36 meters directly in front of me and closing! –U.T.-05:18:50

Ok, remember, don’t shoot if it is in front of the hull. We want to kill it, not us! Everyone else, go to level 4! –U.T.-05:19:02

Hold on, sir! I lost it! –U.T.-05:19:23 [Lewis]

What? –U.T.-05:19:25 [Gorman]

Yeah, I don’t have it either sir! Son of a bitch is gone! –U.T.-05:19:32 [Hendrick]

Where was your last contact? –U.T.-05:19:36 [Gorman]

Uh, about 19 meters in front of me. Maybe 2 meters behind the number 5 bulkhead. Hold on, I’m going to have a look. –U.T.-05:19:47 [Lewis]

Alright, just watch your back Lewis. Don’t let it jump you. Everyone, continue to level 4.–U.T.-05:19:52 [Gorman]

Um, sir? –U.T.-05:20:16 [Lewis]

What is it Lewis? –U.T.-05:20:18 [Wilman]

The number 5 bulkhead hatch is sealed. The bastard is probably waiting on the other side. –U.T.-05:20:26

Alright, stay put Lewis. Make sure it doesn’t come across. –U.T.-05:20:26 [Wilman]

Alright, sir, I’m on level 4. I’m gonna try to come up behind it. –U.T.-05:20:39 [Hendrick]

Alright private –U.T.-05:20:41 [Wilman]

Okay Henrick, I’m coming up behind you. –U.T.-05:20:56 [Everson]
I see ya. –U.T.-05:21:01 [Hendrick]

Uh, sir? There’s a problem. It’s not here. –U.T.-05:21:43 [Hendrick]

What?! –U.T.-05:21:45 [Gorman and Wilman]

It’s not here! –U.T.-05:21:47 [Everson]

We are looking at the number 5 bulkhead ha- -U.T.-05:21:51 [Hendrick]

What is it? –U.T.-05:21:58 [Wilman]

Oh shit, I think the bastard is in the ventilation system! There’s some slime crap dripping from the v-
Guys! I think the bastard is in here with me! –U.T.-05:22:14 [Everson and Lewis]

Lewis, what’s the matter? –U.T.-05:22:17 [Wilman]

Does anyone have it? –U.T.-05:22:20 [Lewis]

Lewis, what’s going o-
Oh, fuck! 2 meters! Lewis, it’s right on top of you! –U.T.-05:22:25 [Wilman and Hendrick]

Where?! I cannot see it! –U.T.-05:22:28

Get the hell out of there! –U.T.-05:22:30 [Hendrick]

What the hell is going on?! –U.T.-05:22:33 [Wilman]

Open the hatch! –U.T.-05:22:35 [Hendrick]

Where the hell is it? –U.T.-05:22:37 [Lewis]

Shit, it’s stuck!
It’s stuck! Give me a hand! –U.T.-05:22:43 [Everson and Hendrick]

I’m on level 4. Lewis, where the hell are you?! –U.T.-05:22:45 [Gorman]

I’m [high pitch screech]

Oh fu[static]-U.T.-05:22:49 [Lewis]

Lewis! –U.T.-05:22:51 [Gorman]

Got it![Everson, unlocking the hatch]
Lewis! –U.T.-05:22:53[Everson and Hendrick]

What happened? –U.T.-05:22:55 [Wilman]

Christ, that’s blood! The fucker is using the ventilation system! –U.T.-05:23:14 [Hendrick]

Where the hell is Lewis?! –U.T.-05:23:17 [Wilman]

The bastard got him!
Ah![static] –U.T.05:23:19 [Gorman and Everson]

Everson! –U.T.-05:23:21 [Gorman]

You fucker, eat this! –U.T.-05:23:24 [Hendrick]

[Pulse rifle fire]
Hendrick, hold your fire, god damn it! – U.T.-05:23:30 [Gorman][Rifle fire stops]

What the fuck is going on?! – U.T.-05:23:33 [Wilman]

They’re dead! Lewis and Everson are dead! The fucker dragged them into the ventilation system! –U.T.-05:23:39 [Gorman]

Does anyone have it? –U.T.-05:23:42 [Wilman]

No, sir! It’s gone! –U.T.-05:23:51 [Bishop]

Okay, I want everyone to go back to the hanger! We need to rethink our tactics! –U.T.-05:24:58 [Gorman]

Alright, we know it’s using the ventilation system to move around. Is there any chance we can flush it out of there? –U.T.-06:03:12 [Gorman]

It’s a challenge, but we could. The ventilation system has isolation valves at every junction as well as at every bulkhead between compartments. The problem we have are the vents. If we want to make sure it goes where we want it to go, we’ll have to seal all of the compartments. This way it has no choice but to go through the valves we open. –U.T.-06:03:34 [Wilson]

How are you going to make it move? For all we know, it might want to stay in one spot. –U.T.-06:03:40 [Henn]

Well, that’s a problem, isn’t it? –U.T.-06:03:43 [Wilson]

Guess someone is gonna have to go in after it. –U.T.-06:03:49 [Hendrick]

Any volunteers? –U.T.-06:03:52 [Wilson]

Oh hell, I’ll go. I’m the only one here who knows how to play with fire. –U.T.-06:04:08 [Stevens]

Alright, when you find it, just keep the flame thrower in front of you. Like most animals, it will probably be afraid of fire. –U.T.-06:08:14 [Wilson]

Affirmative. –U.T.06:08:16 [Stevens]

Okay, I’m at the C15 junction, close the valve. Which way now? –U.T.-06:32:12 [Stevens]

Alright, climb up to the next junction and follow tunnel 4C-19. –U.T.-06:32:18 [Gorman]

Alright –U.T.-06:32:20 [Stevens]

Ok, I’m here at the isolation valve. Tunnel 4C-19, right? –U.T.-06:32:59 [Stevens]

That’s right. The son-of-a-bitch should be right behind it. –U.T.-06:33:04 [Gorman]

Huh, yeah, I can hear it trying to get out. –U.T.-06:33:08 [Stevens]

Wilson, how are you guys doing? –U.T.-06:33:11[Gorman]

Inner airlock door is open, outer door is on standby. –U.T.-06:33:15 [Wilson]

Alright, remember, don’t open the door until Stevens gives you the thumbs up. Alright Stevens, I’m opening the valve. –U.T.-06:33:24 [Gorman]

Hello you son of a bitch!
[high pitch screech]
[flamethrower hisses] –U.T.-06:33:36 [Stevens]

That’s right, fire is not good for you!
[flamethrower] [high pitch screech]
Close the valves as I pass them!
[high pitch screech]
[flamethrower] –U.T.-06:34:12 [Stevens]

Alright, it’s running! –U.T.-06:34:19 [Stevens]

Don’t lose sight of it! Make sure it goes into the airlock! –U.T.-06:34:23 [Gorman]

Ha ha, come here you little bastard! Let me torch you!
[flamethrower] –U.T.-06:34:47 [Stevens]

Alright, we just passed the D23 junction! –U.T.-06:35:27 [Stevens]

Wilson? –U.T.-06:35:29 [Gorman]

We’re ready for it! –U.T.-06:35:32 [Wilson]

Alright, the fucker is in the compartment. Stevens, you have to drive it into the airlock! –U.T.-06:35:56 [Wilson]

Come on, bitch! Let’s dance!
[flamethrower][high pitch screeching]
Yes, go that way!
[flamethrower] Ready! –U.T.-06:36:19 [Stevens]

Opening outer door! –U.T.-06:36:21 [Wilson]

[Loud noise, presumably air rushing out of the ship]

Come on! Fly out into space, you fucker! –U.T.-06:36:37 [Stevens]

No! –U.T.-06:36:42 [Maxwell]

[Loud noise dies down. Data indicates outer door was closed]

What the fuck are you doing?! –U.T.-06:36:48 [Wilman]

Oh shit, get me out of here! –U.T.-06:36:51 [Stevens]

Get him out! –U.T.-06:36:53 [Wilson]

Close it! –U.T.-06:36:55 [Stevens and Hendrick]

Oh Jesus, that was close! –U.T.-06:36:58 [Stevens]

Why the fuck did you do that?! –U.T.-06:37:02 [Wilman]

Gorman, it’s going back into the ventilation system –U.T.-06:37:06 [Wilson]

I go- Oh shit! It’s going down the wrong tunnel! –U.T.-06:37:10 [Gorman]

Aren’t the isolation valves closed? –U.T.-06:37:13 [Wilson]

I just closed them, but I lost it! I don’t know where it is! –U.T.-06:37:17 [Gorman]

Fuck! –U.T.-06:37:19 [Wilson]

That’s great. That’s just fucking great! Now what?! –U.T.-06:37:25 [Hendrick]

You son of a bitch, what the hell did you think were you doing?! –U.T.-06:37:46 [Wilson]

You have no right to kill it. –U.T.-06:37:49 [Maxwell]

Fuck you! That fucker killed two of my men, like hell I am gonna let it live! –U.T.-06:37:46 [Wilman]

We had that thing where we wanted it, you son-of-a-bitch! Thanks to you, it got away! –U.T.-06:37:51 [Wilson]

You have any idea how much a creature like that is worth? –U.T.-06:37:56 [Maxwell]

Fuck that! I’m not going to let you endanger my men so that you people can have something to fuck with! That fucking thing is getting off this ship, whether you like it or not! –U.T.-06:38:06 [Wilman]

I can’t let you do that! –U.T.-06:38:09 [Maxwell]

Watch me! –U.T.-06:38:11 [Wilman]

I’m not going to let you destroy a priceless organism- Oh shit, Wilson, it’s right on top of you guys!
-so that you can save your precious cre- I’m not going to le- I have direct orders fro- -t endanger my crew- Shut up! Gorman, say again?
-m the company to re- -fuck your orders!
-trieve the organi-
It’s right on top of you!
-sm for further examinati-Ah![static] –U.T.-06:38:31

Oh shit! –U.T.-06:38:33 [Wilson]

Hendrick, shoot it! –U.T.-06:38:35 [Wilman]

[Pulse rifle fire]
What’s going on? –U.T.-06:38:39 [Gorman]

Fuck! –U.T.-06:39:41 [Stevens]

Wilson, Wilman, what the hell is going on? –U.T.-06:39:54 [Gorman]

It got Maxwell! Tore his fucking head off! –U.T.-06:39:59 [Wilson]

Did you kill it? –U.T.-06:40:01 [Gorman]

No. It um…it got away. It’s no longer in the ventilation system. –U.T.-06:40:11 [Wilson]

Christ! –U.T.-06:40:13 [Gorman]

I think we pissed it off. –U.T.-06:40:21 [Stevens]

Gorman, we need to talk. –U.T.-06:40:29 [Wilman]

Unfortunately, there’s not much information in the Tonoro’s computer as to what happened to Brunel and Lydecker, but from what I heard I think it is safe to say the alien got them. I did find some radio chatter with Wilman.

Sir, we’ve got a problem! –U.T.-10:12:05 [Henn]

What? –U.T.-10:12:06 [Gorman]

It’s Brunel and Lydecker. They’re gone! –U.T.-10:12:10 [Henn]

What?! –U.T.-10:12:12 [Gorman]

Their weapons are gone as well. –U.T.-10:12:15 [Henn]

They must be out looking for the fucking thing –U.T.-10:12:20 [Wilman]

Shit! Brunel, Lydecker, where the hell are you? –U.T.-10:12:24 [Groman]

Brunel, Lydecker, where are you? –U.T.-10:12:31 [Gorman]

Brunel, Lydecker, answer god damn it! –U.T.-10:12:42 [Gorman]

Fuck! Brunel, Lydecker, where th-
[muffled gun fire and screaming]
What the hell was that? –U.T.-10:12:58 [Gorman]

Sounds like it came from level 6, head section! –U.T.-10:13:05 [Stevens]

Shit! Everyone to level 6 now! –U.T.-10:13:09 [Gorman]

Oh fuck! –U.T.-10:15:23 [Hendrick]

What is it? –U.T.-10:15:25 [Gorman]

I think I just found Brunel and Lydecker –U.T.-10:15:31 [Hendrick]

Oh no. –U.T.-10:15:42 [Gorman]

Poor bastards. –U.T.-10:15:54 [Wilson]

Alright. Well, there’s nothing we can do. Let’s continue looking. Stick together. Bastard is bound to be around her somewhere. –U.T.-10:16:13 [Gorman]

Wilman, let’s go! –U.T.-10:16:21 [Wilson]

Coming. –U.T.-10:16:23 [Wilman]

Ah- -U.T.-10:16:27 [Wilman](24-4-1)

Wilman? –U.T.-10:16:29 [Gorman]

Wilman? –U.T.-10:16:35 [Gorman]

Wilman?! –U.T.-10:16:42 [Gorman]

Jesus Christ, Wilman! –U.T.-10:16:49 [Gorman]

Wilman! –U.T.-10:16:54 [Gorman]

Not exactly sure what happened, but judging how this short scream also sounded like a grunt, I’m going to take a guess that the alien grabbed him. Because it was such a short cream, I suspect the alien grabbed him by the head and covered his mouth.

Gorman is by far the most mysterious event that has taken place aboard the U.S.S. Tonoro. No one knew what happened to him. He simply vanished. One clue as to his disappearance were his vital signs. At around 1200 U.T., Gorman’s vital signs took a dive. He was alive, but barely. However, what caught my attention were his vital signs before they took a dive. From the vital signs I can tell that Gorman was in a state of relaxation. To be more specific, his vitals were at the same level as those of someone who is asleep.

Perhaps that was the case. By this time the team has been awake for more than 24 hours. The body is not designed to stay awake for such an extended period of time. By this time, everyone would have been exhausted. Their concentration would have gone to pieces. Perhaps why Gorman’s vitals were so low was because he fell asleep. The alien got him as he was sleeping. From the vital signs, I highly doubt he knew what hit him.

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